"Only Your Own!"

"He tells noone any story but his own. Are you list...ening?"

I'm a naturally nosey and judgemental human being. And I'm not alone.

It's easier being curious about other people's business than it is to take
care of our own growth needs, and pursuing our Maker. Intended as a
reminder for myself, I hope it resonates with you.

Sprayed with multiple glazes.

Note: the text on this particular coaster is relatively hard to make out, but I
love the glaze combination and some of the nuances. I have included
another detailed shot below so you can see an example of what I'm talking

Price: SOLD
Dimensions: 5.5" W x 1.75" H
Shipping: you always pay actual costs - $7.95 USPS Priority, $6 Parcel Post for the
first coaster, next two wine coasters shipped at no cost to you.