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Wine Coaster 3 (5.5" W x 1.25" H)

I am embarrassed to say that I don't know the entire message on this one. I do know that it focuses on the concept of "yesterday". The following is an excerpt from the piece:

"...maybe its limiting the dreams of tomorrow. Does yesterday have you spinning? What do you do with yesterday's words? How many days are in the ledger? Is it time to wipe it clean? To learn what you need to learn & take the next faith-filled step? Forget the lies and embrace truth that is timeless. It comes from Him."

Many folks, myself included, have gotten caught up in what someone said or did to us yesterday - seemingly unable to let it go. That's not how we're commanded to live, so hopefully this piece will serve as a reminder for its future owner and the image here can serve as a reminder for me.



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