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Sunday, June 11, 2006

I DE-clare!

Jake-N-Bake snoozing with his new bat
It's my heart's desire to build a history with Jacob (pictured at left following the car ride home from a Minnesota Twins game earlier today) - I want him to have something to look back on - a background so jam packed with love that it becomes second nature to him - providing so much security that the thought of not being the center of someone's universe a foreign concept...

...that said, I'm not sure why you'd rightly care, but I felt the need to say it outloud to anyone who will listen. Declaring things - whether it be love for your child, or your spouse, or faith in your God, takes the subject of your declaration and cements it as something worth taking a risk over. I'd step in front of a moving bus for this kid (and for the other two that are used in my examples).

As for the game - it was Jake's second - he made it through 7 innings the first time around - just 5 today (primarily because we showed up an hour early to try to get him a Joe Mauer bobble-head ;) We leave whenever he wants to go with the logic that he'll only remember it as a positive experience if he's not forced to endure it.

My prayer for you is that you are ready to declare something to and for someone and that you'll take deliberate action to back it up.

Sappily yours... pba.