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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Your What Hurts? {Screamin' Yellow Zonkers}

The end of 2005 brought with it an opportunity to revisit times gone by with family friends from my youth.

The visit was quick, but it included an evening of exchanging gifts with family and friends, one late night yappin' about reconciliation and forgiveness, a visit to a sibling's garage to check out the progress on his '69 Harley, and an enjoyable lunch at Applebee's on our guest's way back out of town.

As part of the walk down memory lane, we downed several boxes of Screaming Yellow Zonkers - perhaps the finest sugar-infested glazed popcorn treat we've ever had - and listened to Crystal Blue Persuasion (Tommy James & the Shondells) waaay to loudly - this time via iTunes instead of the reel-to-reel that we originally heard it on in the 70's...

Ummm... Pete? What's your point?...

Can't say that I really have one. I just hope that you have family friends that can bring a smile to your face by merely existing. If you do, then give 'em a shout and let 'em know they still warm your heart - even if you haven't talked for years.

Take care. pba.


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