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Friday, December 16, 2005

Few More Wood-fired Bowls...

I finally received a replacement power cord for my digital camera - now if I could only afford some decent lighting... guh.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Unloading the Wood Kiln

Just a few pics from the unload - forgive the grainy shots of pots - wrong film speed and poor lighting combined to make them pretty horrific - they atleast give you an idea...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Winter Wood Firing

I was just fortunate enough to be involved with another firing at the Lloyd's home in Princeton, MN. I'll have photos of the work within the next 3 days, but for now I'm thinking about the process and the social dynamic that is associated with it.

The kiln requires constant care and feeding. It eats every 15 minutes for a couple of days straight. It's more than one person is meant to take on, so, inevitably, you become part of a larger team when you participate - you become part of a small, point-in-time, community with a unified vision. The citizens may have different politics, eating habits, artistic styles, and perspectives on faith, but everyone shares a passion for pots and a small sense of awe thinking about our lack of control over the outcome of our activities.

I have walked away from the first two firings I have participated in with a heart-felt desire to transport that sense of acceptance and inclusion to my day-to-day life: at home, in business, and in my circle of friends.

My prayer this evening is that there is as little room for pretense in your world as there is when sitting with a group of folks for hours on end around a collection of old fire brick and strips of birch trimmings in a December chill... where experienced potters answer questions from not-so-experienced ones, where food is shared, where elderly dogs stare you in the eye, and not-so-scientific tests are conducted to determine the capability of a McNugget to withstand 2250-degree heat (they last longer than you'd think or hope)...

I pray that you experience the joy of learning: about each other, about a process, and about yourselves. I pray it continues for me as well. I have much to learn.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Jemarie-Lynn Sahr - new site

Just finished up another site for a local recording and visual artist, Jemarie-Lynn Sahr.

She has a variety of irons in the fire as she focuses on meeting the needs of Christian women and moms - check it out if you'd like.