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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wood Fired Bowls

Friday, September 16, 2005

Wood Firing

I've been lucky enough to be included in a wood firing taking place at Steve and Becky Lloyd's place in Princeton, MN. The kiln is being loaded tonight and will be fired off throughout the day tomorrow and most of Sunday.

I'll post a few photos after my stoking shift tomorrow as well as images of a few of the pots that Steve was kind enough to load up for me. I'm intensely curious about both the process of firing the kiln using wood as the heat source as well how my pots will react visually...

Special thanks to Steve for humoring my request to be involved.

Where'd your images go, Pete?

If you see a few little red Xs on my blog where images used to be, they exist because of a snafu with my hosting provider and their billing system.

I'll be re-uploading images as time permits over the next couple of weeks. Sorry for the drab text-only feel in the mean time...