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pba pottery
Pete Anderson
3427 Kalenda Ave NE
St. Michael, MN 55376


pba = Peter Boyd Anderson = pete = pba pottery

I barely knew clay existed until my sophomore year of college when I began taking the Bethel College Art curriculum in reverse. Starting with Sculpture, I moved back through 3-Dimensional design before arriving in the clay studio. Once I arrived, I rarely wanted to leave.

I was (and am) inspired by the work of Kirk Freeman, a humorous soul and an amazing artist that first taught me to throw and is still generously supporting me through creative spurts and long dry spells. I served as a teaching assistant under Kirk for 2 years, graduated from Bethel with a Bachelor's in Studio Art in '93 and promptly joined the corporate realm which I allowed to dramatically cut into my creative time.

After 8 years at a large financial institution (including 4 during college), I transitioned into the realm of business and technology consulting. I have been a consultant within several organizations with roles/responsibilities that include Business Analysis, Web site Design and Construction, Business Continuity Planning, and Group Facilitation and Training. I'm currently back in corporate working as a Best Methods & Talent Development Leader for Target Corporation.

All that said -- I'm essentially a God-given mix of creative and analytical skills - a fact that comes across pretty clearly in the majority of my work. I love the process of making pots and, while my long-term aspiration is to be creating full time, I will continue to pursue it as a side-business for now as my wife Trisha and I raise our little family.

In the immediate term, I will be making pots as time permits and assessing commission requests on a case-by-case basis. Check out my Facebook presence for more current photos and information! Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have (and thanks for your time!!). pba.

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